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The Magic Bench is a clever design that has been around for a while but we have developed it a little further by using teak to build it which will give the bench longevity and we have also made it slightly longer to allow up to 6 guests to dine around the table. This simple easy to function design is such a great idea if you are limited for space or you want to add additional seating to your dining area. The magic bench can be easily converted to a picnic table with one simple movement. There is no removal of screws, bolts or fixings to convert it from a bench to a table, it is just one simple action that can be done by one person. The Magic Bench comes fully assembled.
Dimensions closed as a Bench:
Width: 181cm
Height: 96cm
Depth: 97cm

Dimensions open as a Picnic Bench:
Width: 182cm
Height: 89cm
Depth: 150cm

Before use tighten pivot screws


£799.49 Regular Price
£645.99Sale Price